The warmth of zinc is right at home in many kitchen styles from French country to contemporary. The range hoods featured on this page are available in custom dimensions and options to suit your preferences. High capacity insert with blower, filters, lights and controls is available. Please contact CK Metalcraft today for your beautifully crafted custom range hood.

Zinc Range Hoods

Zinc Hood CK Metalcraft

Model: Z1

Design: Double Sweep with chimney.

Finish: Light antiqued.

Notes: Features a separate chimney, heavy steel straps, pyramidal clavos and rivets.

Price: Starting at $6,950

Model: Z4

Design: Single Roll with stepped base.

Finish: Dark antiqued.

Notes: Features stainless straps and rivets. May be installed between cabinets.

Price: Starting at $5,450

Model: Z6

Design: Double Sweep with channel.

Finish: Light antiqued body with natural straps.

Notes: Features cove crown moulding, rosettes, straps, rivets and channel around base.

Price: Starting at $6,950

Model: Z8

Design: Double Sweep with scalloped corners.

Finish: Light antiqued.

Notes: Features brass straps, rivets and channel around base. 

Price: Starting at $8,950

Model: Z10

Design: Bell Front with Straight Sides.

Finish: Medium antiqued.

Notes: Features zinc straps with rivets and stepped base. Installation between cabinets. 

Price: Starting at $5,450

Model: Z2

Design: Single Slope.

Finish: Dark antiqued.

Notes: Features straps with dark antiqued finish.

Price: Starting at $5,250

Model: Z3

Design: Double Sweep with stainless channel.

Finish: Dark brushed.

Notes: Features stainless straps, rivets and channel around base.

Price: Starting at $6,250

Model: Z5

Design: Double Slope with lower band.

Finish: Medium antiqued.

Notes: Features stainless straps, rivets and stepped base. 

Price: Starting at $5,450

Zinc Hood CK Metalcraft

Model: Z7

Design: Double Slope.

Finish: Light antiqued.

Notes: Features black straps with large rivets. 

Price: Starting at $6,450

Zinc hood CK Metalcraft

Model: Z9

Design: Single Sweep.

Finish: Light brushed.

Notes: Features brushed stainless straps with rivets and embossed stainless rosettes. 

Price: Starting at $5,450

Standard Zinc Finishes


Light Antiqued


Light Brushed


Natural Non-Directional


Dark Antiqued


Dark Brushed


Medium Antiqued